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Downtown Tarot Company

Crystal Candle - Labradorite

Crystal Candle - Labradorite

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The Crystallo Collection features crystal candles hand poured by the Downtown Tarot Company in Michigan. Fire is an agent of transformation; lighting a candle will enhance and diffuse a crystal’s energy, making these candles perfect for manifestation, spells, rituals, or crystal grids.


LABRADORITE: Crystal chips are paired with elderberry herbs along with dragon’s blood fragrance oil to enhance the naturally magical and intuitive energy of labradorite. Working with this candle is a great way to enhance your clairvoyance and open your third eye chakra.


  • Coconut soy wax blend with crystal chips, herbs, and fragrance oils
  • 4 oz glass jar, 2.5 oz of wax
  • Approximately 16 hour burning time
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