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Mini Moon Phase Candle - Crescent Moon

Mini Moon Phase Candle - Crescent Moon

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The Astrologia Collection features Mini Moon Candles designed to invoke the power of the moon in rituals, spells, or altars. Representing the five stages of the moon, each candle is scented with a combination of woodland snow and moonflower nectar fragrance oils, as well as brushed with white mica powder to give the wax an ethereal shimmer as it burns. Mini Moon Candles are perfect for manifestation rituals, astrological events, altars, or deity work.

  • Coconut soy wax blend
  • Woodland Snow and Moonflower Nectar fragrance oils
  • Artificial white mica powder
  • 2 oz glass jar, 1.7 oz of wax
  • Approximately 15 hour burning time

CRESCENT MOON: The Crescent Moon Candle is representative of both the waxing and waning crescent moon. The energy of the waxing crescent moon attracts new opportunities and experiences, while the waning crescent aids in the surrender and release of stress, fears, and negative energy.

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